Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three great meals, part 2


  Now I love a good piece of meat. But that's really not what I'm starting with here. It's bad tough meat.  BBQing it in big chunks is the ultimate challenge for it. Short of grilling it as an actual steak, which I know won't work very well. And shish kebabs are generally better with decent sized chunks of meat rather than little tiny squares that get all over cooked.
  Additionally we brought these kebabs over to a friend's BBQ so controls over the cooking was somewhat limited. It would be a true test of how well the meat would break down.
  When I went to make them I found my standby jars of pineapple chunks missing. Unfortunately I forgot to stock them. Fresh pineapple would have been even better but those tend to range from really expensive to just plain silly around here. And I wasn't going with the canned beats route on this particular batch. But in generally some grilled canned beats on the skewers are fantastic. I ended up with mushrooms, onion, red bell pepper and Indian eggplant. These ranged in size from quail to robin egg size as I had used the larger ones in the stir fry last night. In the end things looked like this:

Please ignore the burgers, they weren't mine. I don't do that.

  The verdict on the meat was that most pieces of were very good. I ran into two pieces that were somewhat difficult to tear apart with my teeth. It was full of flavor and for the most part well tenderized. We ended up having to eat it without a knife so the pieces I struggled with would have been much better if they could have been cut in half. The eggplant turned out great, the small size meant that moisture was kept inside and each one was full of fresh eggplant flavor. I think these could have used to be marinated as well and I plan to try that in the future. But even as they were they turned out fantastic.

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