Friday, July 8, 2011

Let me take a moment to espouse the virtues of TAGRO

  For those of you who don't know what TAGRO is you can look up more information HERE, or you can continue reading.

  TAGRO is a gardening soil made from biosolids and other waste by the city of Tacoma. It's essentially effective composting of garbage and sewage made into highly effective soil that is low in bad stuff and high in good stuff. While all of this is fairly cool, what really makes TAGRO remarkable is that all you have to do is drive to their site near the Port of Tacoma and shovel it into your car - for free.
  Now I'd advise you have some form of potting container if you're putting it into your station wagon or minivan. I saw a few people there with ice bins, rubbermaid containers, even a cat carrier, filling them up with free dirt. A box, trashcan, or what ever you can fit into the back of your car that can hold some good soil. There's already shovels at the site and it wasn't crowded at all.
  A friend of mine from church used a pickup and covered his new front yard which has grown some really nice smooth grass. He used a pickup to haul it out of there. Now if you're really going crazy they do sell the stuff if you want them to dump it into your truck rather than shoveling. But really, if you're doing your own garden, grab a darn shovel and call it good.

  We now have potted (because our back yard is sod on top of rocks) peppers, tomatoes, and lilies. Why lilies I'm not sure. I mean, you can't eat them.

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